My Original Honda Magna Motorcycle

This is my stock, 1995 Honda Magna Motorcycle.  Virtually nothing has been done at all to eventually transform this incredible machine to my personal magic carpet ride.  Here you can only see the very most basic changes I've done to the bike leaving the rest of the bike as original as the day I purchased it.  Other than washing it and polishing the chrome, at this stage the bike has very little done.  You can still see the original OEM stock exhaust pipes and the “flat board” windscreen that was originally on the bike when it was purchased.  (I hated that “flat board” windscreen!)

Actually, the only changes that have been done at this stage is the replacement of the stock Honda saddle with a Mustang brand “Regal” Saddle and the replacement of the torn hand grips with some chromed Kuryakyn “cushioned” hand grips.  I did strap on the luggage tube, the luggage “travel trunk” with ditty bags, and the two small saddle bags on each side along with the leather “tool bag” hanging off the front tree.