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1995 '3rd Generation' Magna (Customized)
For those of us that own our own Honda Magna, and for those of you that are considering purchasing a previously owned Honda Magna for yourself and want to learn a little more about it, welcome to this site! Hopefully this will answer some of your questions.

The images and the information presented here is from several and various web-sites on the internet, and I in no way claim that most of the information is original.  I have gleaned the internet and have done my best to present a wide variety of information and images.  Should you be the author of original work here, or see an image that belongs to you and you do not want it presented here, just let me know and I will immediately remove it!

Honda stopped production of the 3rd generation Magna in 2003 / 2004, but such is the popularity of this magnificent machine, it remains an industry standard to this day.  Every "new" rider that purchases one of these incredible machines, soon tries to learn everything he or she can about it.  This little website is just a small fraction of what one can find on the internet.

Hopefully, in some small way, this web-site will answer some of your questions.  So kick back, grab a cup of coffee, and come on in and look around -    Welcome!